Verified Pro M.U.A Reviews

Here is a short list of some recent feedback from professional makeup artists, influencers and trendsetters!

“I'm loving the new Givoni brushes from@givonibrushes. They use the highest quality bristles and I love how natural they feel I get the full coverage without losing too much product in the brushes and I love how easy to clean and durable they are!”
Isabel Bedoya
IG Influencer / MUA

“OMG ! GIVONI brushes are now my favorite out of all my other brushes and I own sephora , MAC, Specttrum to name a few! The are so soft and waste so much less makeup! “
Sarah Bingham
Professional Make-up artist

“Was eyeing your products for a while , finally purchased the Azure set and its working miracles for me unlike any other more expensive brands... Ya’ll need to make more models of the Azure.  ”

Jessica Hernandez

“Im a celebrity stylists and makeup artists and I’m fascinated by how well the bristles work when applying, incredibly helps save my makeup”

Carter Williams
Celebrity MUA

“I waited in line for one hour in London to finally buy your brushes and it was WELL WORTH IT!  See you next year”
Lee Ann Lo

“Hello GIVONI, i bought your brushes from a tradeshow and just wanted to ask if you will be in NYC next year as I want to buy more, they work so wonderful, the bristles are so soft and they’re durable as the staff informed, my clients love them!”
Carla Fernandez

LOVE LOVE LOVE Givoni , excellent quality and superior bristles!
Erica Johnson
IG Trendsetter

I just received my brushes and they are heavely! Thank you GIVONI!
Allison Jill

“Just wanted to say thank you to givonni’s staff for helping me find and select my list of brushes, they were wonderful! I had heard good stuff about you guys and had a long list and they were patient with me and today I received everything and im so happy! thank you again, i will be following you guys on Instagram”
Helen Gon

Receievd and love them! Thanks a million!
Barb A. James

I love using Givoni brushes , they work flawlessly and wastes so little makeup plus they are so durable !
Lisa Henry Li

“Finally a REAL pro brush line with products to back it up! GIVONI rules! ”
Henry Jackson

“I received my order ONE DAY after placing my order! Thank you for your speedy service + my brushes are AMAZZZZINNNGG!!!!”
Keisha Roberts

“Hi guys just wanted to say i love your brand and the superior quality of your brushes, other brands dont compare to yours, im a lifetime customer and so are my girlfriends! XOXO”
Victoria Starsky

“I bought the Isabel Bedoya RG set and im liking them alot , next one im getting the I.B celebrity set and im so excited. Thank you guys and ive added you on IG so im in the loop.”
Erin Hong