Model RG12 - Large Soft Fan

USD $7.50
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• Total length of brush: 18.5cm
• Length of bristles: 3.5cm
• Hair type: Natural (sable) 
• Color : White Body & Rose gold Ferrule

Warranty Information:

2 Years + Givoni exclusive 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

User Reviews

Quality product

Posted by Cristina Firtade

This is a quality beauty product that helped me a lot to beautify my look.

Amazing product

Posted by Lourdes Ruiz

I was looking for a beauty makeover brush to get an amazing look and my search ended with Large Soft Fan brush. It is really an easy to use brush with the best result.

Great Grooming

Posted by Elaine

I thank the creator of this brush that provided such a great grooming solution within a limited budget.

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