Model RG19 - Red Sable Oval

USD $8.00
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• Total length of brush: 17.3cm
• Length of bristles: 1.3cm
• Hair type: Natural (sable) 
• Color : White Body & Rose gold Ferrule

Warranty Information:

2 Years + Givoni exclusive 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

User Reviews

Stunning Item.

Posted by Sharon Menzes

This is the best grooming brush that I've recently come across which made my good mood and enriched my experience of using stunning item.


Posted by Nancy

Amazing is the only word that can define my experience with Red Sable Oval brush.

best grooming brush

Posted by Deanne Bassili

Undoubtedly, this is the best grooming brush that came across to enhance my personality and get an outstanding look.

Great Selection!

Posted by Ruth Haring

I fall in love with this brush after using it and knowing its great features.

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