Model RG41 - Jumbo Foundation

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• Total length of brush: 18cm
• Length of bristles: 4.5cm
• Hair type: Natural (sable) 
• Color : White Body & Rose gold Ferrule

Warranty Information:

2 Years + Givoni exclusive 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

User Reviews

great one

Posted by Darlene Hicks

Good to use brush for application and blending eye shadow. Its bristles are designed beautifully for an attractive makeup.

excellent job

Posted by Veronica D

Its bristles do a decent job for me and provide an exclusive look at my personality.

smooth and soft

Posted by Jill Hunt

Very smooth and soft bristles. I clean it easily as well and take care of it.

must use it

Posted by B Romero

Excellent brush with soft bristles that I love to use. Must buy product that I recommend to everyone.

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