Isabel Bedoya Rose Gold Brush Set

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This is our Isabel Bedoya Rose Collection 15pc brush set. As seen on @itsisabelbedoya makeup look. It's her new favorite makeup brushes!

Includes 14 hand selected brushes from our Rose Gold Collection along with a Premium Makeup Artist Case. 

• Hair type: Natural (Sable) 
• Color : White Body & Rose Gold Ferrule
Models Included: 
Model RG02 - Large Flat Contour
Model RG08 - Large Pointed Powder
Model RG10 - Blending Crease
Model RG12 - Large Soft Fan
Model RG25 - Tapered Blush
Model RG35 - Chubby Buffer
Model RG39 - Medium Oval Foundation
Model RG40 - Large Oval Foundation
Model RG41 - Jumbo Foundation
Model RG45 - Sable Liner
Model RG46 - Oval Taklon
Model RG52 - Taklon Angle Liner
Model RG55 - Taklon Angle Liner
Model RG56 - Flat Liner

Warranty Information:

2 Years + Givoni exclusive 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

User Reviews

Waiting for more collections

Posted by Diana

Soft bristles, very durable brushes- nothing I need more.

easy to carry

Posted by Mary Sedrick

Cool brush set, cool bag- kinda love it!

Must try it

Posted by Lama Makarem

If there's one thing I would say after getting and using it, it is- I feel like Isabel. Haha

definitely use it like me

Posted by Danya Bashir

Following Isabel? Then you'll surely love this set like I do!


Posted by Carissa Louks

Gotta say, you shouldn't think twice. Worth the price.

loved it to use

Posted by Flavia Binetti

Isabel's top collection of brushes with a professional case- had to get it, love the whole experience using it.

Amazing experience

Posted by Stephanie Lightfoot

This is amaaazzziiinnnggg! Valued deal for sure.

Best choice ever

Posted by Ana Delcroix

Hands down my top pick, my best buy here.

Happy as can be

Posted by Mautrin Triplett

Premium set of brushes and case- this is awesome!

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